• 18 SEPTEMBER «Cuba in Russia 2019» events
    ALLWE management and specialists took part in the events within the framework of the first exhibition “Cuba in Russia 2019”, which took place at the Expocentre on September 18-20, 2019. An assortment of Cuban products and services was presented at the exhibition with an extensive business program, including bilateral meetings in the B2B format, product presentations and other business events. 

    On September 18, 2019, a meeting of the Russia-Cuba Business Council was held on the sidelines of the exhibition with the participation of numerous representatives of Russian and Cuban business, chambers of commerce of both countries and a number of other organizations. The work plan of the Business Council for 2019-2020 was agreed on and signed. 

    President of ALLWE B.I. Skripnik held negotiations with the leaders of Cuban companies Alimpex and Maquimport on expanding cooperation. The heads of the agricultural companies of Cuba - the agricultural holdings of Coralsa, Frutas Selectas, Flora y Fauna, Cubanita, Ballos, were provided with agricultural production processing projects created using advanced Russian technologies of vacuum-pulse processing of raw materials, which aroused great interest among Cuban partners. An agreement to continue cooperation was reached, including using the capabilities of the regional Representation of the Company in Cuba, aiming to adapt such projects to the conditions and needs of Cuban food producers. 

    Furthermore, negotiations with the financial director of the Center for Advanced Studies of the Cuba Osmani Perez Guerrero and the scientific director of the Nuclear ResearchAgency Jose Dona Lopez on issues and investment projects of mutual interest was held. 

    During the exhibition, Russian and Cuban business representatives, based on traditional historically established partnerships, demonstrated their aspiration to conclude specific deals and expand trade cooperation.

  • 03 SEPTEMBER Meeting with the Ambassador of Russia to Mozambique and Eswatini
    As part of the expansion of the geography of the Company's presence in Africa, the President of ALLWE, B.I. Skrypnik met with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Mozambique and the Kingdom of Eswatini A.V. Surikov in the office of the Company on September 3, 2019. 

    In the course of the meeting, they discussed the current state and features of the local market, the most pressing issues of the economy of Mozambique and Eswatini. The President noted that the capabilities and experience of ALLWE allow us to offer a wide range of projects in various sectors of the economy, such as the supply of food and equipment for their processing, grain, agricultural machinery. 

    Particular attention was paid to the construction of a metallurgical plant in Eswatini and the need in this regard to hold a meeting with the King of the country. The Ambassador noted that the increase in trade and the participation of Russian enterprises in large-scale and significant projects will have a great impact on the development of cooperation. 

    The Russian Ambassador offered all possible assistance and support in the development of trade and economic cooperation both between Russia and Mozambique, and between Russia and Eswatini. The parties agreed to continue negotiations at the Russia-Africa economic forum in Sochi in October 2019.
  • 30 AUGUST Meeting with representatives of the company from China
    On August 30, 2019, representatives of Messig Electronics & Technology Co., China, visited the ALLWE head office to conduct negotiations aiming to expand cooperation between the companies. 

    The parties discussed the current state and prospects for the development of bilateral relations between the two companies. During the meeting, the topics of cooperation in the field of civil aviation both domestic and foreign production were touched upon. Representatives of China expressed interest in the presented projects of water treatment facilities, thermal vacuum equipment for agricultural products, nuclear medicine equipment and others mentioned in ALLWE presentations. 

    For discussion and more detailed acquaintance, the main aviation catalogs of the company and briefing brochures on the main activities of ALLWE were provided. The representatives of China thanked the President for the warm welcome and expressed their understanding of the complexity of international trade processes and their interest in the further phased development of relations to establish lasting mutually beneficial cooperation.

  • 29 AUGUST International Aviation and Space Salon 2019
    Higher management and specialists ALLWE attended the International Aviation and Space Salon on August 27-29, 2019, which in 2019 gathered 827 exhibitors from 33 countries, including 184 foreign companies. 

    Company representatives took advantage of the exposition to negotiate with regular partners and new companies that arrived to one of the largest and most visited air shows in the world. Therefore, as part of the event, at a meeting of the President of ALLWE with the leadership of the Myanmar company Myanmar Consultancy Company Ltd. a specific project was discussed to provide Russian-made aviation goods and supply equipment for helicopters. Other opportunities of ALLWE in the field of advanced Russian technologies in the field of engineering, energy, airport security and shipbuilding were presented. 

    The management of Custom Aeronautical Support, New Zealand, expressed interest in the achievements of the Russian aviation industry and the export capabilities of ALLWE to maintain and support existing Russian and foreign aviation equipment in New Zealand. Agreements were reached on signing new agreements and materials for other ALLWE projects were submitted for consideration. 

    The executive director of UEC-Klimov, A.I. Vatagin, expressed his readiness to continue the joint work and increase the supply of Russian aviation equipment. Both companies showed interest in expanding cooperation in the field of waste management, power generation and other promising projects. 

    The MAKS 2019 aviation salon and the conducted negotiations open up new opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation, as well as demonstrate an increase in international interest in Russian unique technologies in the field of aircraft construction.

  • 26 AUGUST Meeting with representatives of Colombia State Corporation
    On August 26, 2019, negotiations between the President of ALLWE and the managers and specialists of the Colombian state company AEROCIVIL were held in the office of ALLWE. 

    For the Colombian side, the issues of maintaining airworthiness and certification of Russian-origin aviation equipment operating in Colombia are very relevant. Guests from Colombia also showed a keen interest in the projects implemented by the Company in various countries. Particular attention was paid to modern Russian technologies in the field of wastewater treatment, food processing and production, power generation and other unique technologies developed and implemented by Russian scientists and technologists in recent years. 

    Colombian guests were provided with the presentations and information necessary to assess the feasibility of such projects in Colombia. The parties agreed to continue contacts in order to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation on a number of projects, including in the field of technical maintenance of the aircraft fleet, on the markets of Colombia and other countries of the Latin American region.

  • 21 AUGUST Russian-Mozambique Business Forum with the participation of the President of the Republic of Mozambique
    As part of an official visit of the President of the Republic of Mozambique, Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, to Russia on August 21, 2019, the President of ALLWE took part in the Russian-Mozambique Business Forum, which was attended by President of Mozambique, as well as representatives of business, financial and government institutions of the Republic of Mozambique and Russia.

    The President of the Republic of Mozambique, Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, arrived in Russia to expand trade and economic cooperation and to attract investment in various sectors of the country's economy, in particular the oil and gas industry, the development and modernization of projects in the field of energy and infrastructure, transport, agriculture, tourism, which the main topic of the forum was devoted to.

    Possessing tremendous resource potential and excellent relations with the government of the Russian Federation, today the Republic of Mozambique needs to expand cooperation with Russia in numerous sectors of the economy and competently overcome its financial problems associated with the destructive actions of natural disasters and previous agreements with Western countries that infringe on the country's national interests.

    Financial and investment opportunities, as well as practical experience in implementing large projects, allow ALLWE to offer various and specific solutions for the modernization of industry and the development of Russian-Mozambique trade relations.

    Following the meeting, ALLWE established business contacts with a number of state corporations and private companies of the Republic of Mozambique to build mutually beneficial cooperation on a number of promising investment projects in the field of energy, oil and gas industry, agriculture, transport and infrastructure modernization.

  • 12 AUGUST Meeting with the chairman of the Association of Vietnamese businessmen
    In the framework of the “Russian-Vietnam Cross Year” and the development of bilateral cooperation, on August 12, 2019, the ALLWE office hosted a meeting with the chairman of the Association of Vietnamese businessmen in the Russian Federation and the chairman of the board of directors of the Hanoi-Moscow Multifunctional complex, Mr. Le Truong Son.

    During the meeting, the parties discussed the possibility of increasing mutual trade turnover in medicine, energy, construction, infrastructure modernization and expanding exports in the field of high-tech innovative Russian-origin products, as well as financial and investment opportunities in implementing bilateral projects.

    Mr. Le Truong Son emphasized the special contribution of ALLWE in building partnerships between Russian enterprises and foreign companies and expressed the interest of Vietnamese entrepreneurs in strengthening and expanding the areas of cooperation between the countries in such areas as thermo-vacuum processing of food products, modernization of Soviet hydraulic structures and water-treatment facilities in Vietnam. Following the meeting the Parties agreed to promote joint projects in Vietnam and Russia and expand trade and economic cooperation in a number of areas on mutually beneficial conditions.

  • 02 AUGUST Meeting with a delegation from the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
    On August 2, 2019, as a part of an official visit to the Russian Federation by a delegation from the largest city of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Can Tho, a conference was held at MFC Hanoi Moscow to promote the investment, trade and tourism of Can Tho city.

    The Vietnamese delegation included representatives of the leadership of the People’s Committee of Can Tho, as well as directors of large corporations of the region. The conference was also attended by the Ambassador of Vietnam to Russia, Nog Duc Manh, and the Trade Representative of Vietnam in Russia, Duong Hoang Minh.

    The main topic of the conference was the consolidation of the results and expansion of cooperation between Russia and Vietnam, an increase in mutual trade turnover up to the equivalent of up to 10 billion US dollars, and an increase of the share of Russian companies in Vietnam's investment projects.
    During the conference, the President of ALLWE signed a memorandum of cooperation with the construction company Cuu Long Investment Realestate to participate in construction projects in Can Tho.

  • 16 JULY ALLWE paid a working visit to Cuba
    From July 8 to July 16, 2019, a delegation of the Company, headed by the President, was on a working visit to the Republic of Cuba. The purpose of the visit was to negotiate with our regular partners during the execution of existing contracts and present new projects necessary for the Cuban economy.

    Current issues were discussed with the management of Tecnoimport, EMIAT, Tecnotex, Abapet and Alimpex. Cuban interested organizations and partners were presented with projects on the introduction of new Russian technologies for metal spraying, thermo-vacuum dehydration of raw food materials, food production and modern technologies for the construction industry. Cuban experts noted that such projects are in line with the current policy of the Cuban leadership on the technological development of the country and strengthening the export potential of the economy.

    The management of the Company, together with specialists from the ALLWE Representative Office in Havana, outlined an action plan to enhance the effectiveness of its interaction with partners in the regional market.
  • 05 JULY Nigerian delegation visited ALLWE office
    Within the framework of a conference organized by the Ministry of Trade and Investment of Nigeria and the Embassy of Nigeria in Russia on July 4 and 5, 2019, ALLWE held a meeting with officials of the country aiming to discuss the participation of a consortium of Russian enterprises in a number of large Nigerian projects.

    During the meeting, the delegation members: representatives of the leadership of the Federal Ministry of Transport, the Nigerian Railway Service, the Association of Agricultural Dealers, discussed the prepared proposal and presentation of ALLWE for the reconstruction of the old colonial railway narrow gauge railway of 3,500 km and the construction of a new European standard railway from Maradi to Kano. The representative of the Ministry of Transport, Mr. Pius Imoistikeme Oteh, expressed interest in this project, as well as in the participation of the Russian consortium led by ALLWE in the construction of a large railway section from Lagos to Calabar instead of a Chinese company.

    In connection with the fast-growing population of Nigeria, social projects to provide residents with high-quality and low-cost food, sewage and waste water treatment with the subsequent use of waste products as fertilizers for agriculture are becoming more important. The solutions presented by ALLWE during the meeting are based on modern technologies and the instruments for financing projects in Nigeria with the participation of the largest Russian and African banks will create the most optimal conditions for their implementation. The parties came to an agreement and mutual understanding regarding the further processes of preparing infrastructure and social projects and the creation of working groups to develop the terms of reference.

  • 24 JUNE The Visit of Nigerian Ambassador to the Office of ALLWE
    June 24, 2019 Ambassador of Nigeria prof. Steve D. Ugbah visited ALLWE to discuss the development of trade and economic relations following the visit of a delegation of Russian enterprises to Nigeria and a return visit from representatives of the Chamber of Commerce of Abuja and commercial companies to Russia.

    Company President B.I. Skripnik expressed his gratitude to the Ambassador for his active participation in organizing the reception of the Russian delegation in the cities of Abuja and Lagos, for support and assistance during visit to Nigeria, for contribution to the development of trade between Russian and Nigerian companies.

    As part of the negotiations, the parties discussed projects and opportunities in the reconstruction and modernization of the metallurgical complex in Ajaokuta, the results of a meeting with the Chrome Group and the industry-forming Dangote holding regarding the participation of ALLWE in the development of the metallurgical industry of Nigeria.

    The other possibilities of the company were also discussed: utilization of associated gas, utilization of solid waste with further power generation, programs in the field of agriculture and pharmaceuticals. The ambassador confirmed his interest in expanding trade cooperation between Nigeria and Russia and noted the strategic importance of ALLWE in creating a consortium of Russian enterprises for participation in large projects in Nigeria.

    Prof. S.D.Ugbah invited B.I. Mr. Skripnik to take part in the business forum being prepared by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Moscow on July 4-5, 2019 and expressed his intention to present ALLWE to the government and commercial sector of Nigeria during the Forum.
  • 20 JUNE Afroeximbank Annual Meeting and Conference
    ALLWE took part in the conference of Afroeximbank, which gathered representatives of business, financial and state structures of the countries of the African continent and Russia in Moscow on June 20-21, 2019.

    The African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank), found in 1993 in Abuja, Nigeria, with a registered capital of $ 5 billion, was created to develop and promote trade between African countries and beyond the continent.

    More than 1,500 delegates took part in this large-scale conference: representatives of federal ministries and departments, members of regional and municipal authorities, representatives of leading Russian and African companies and scientific-research centers. Among the Russian representatives at the conference were the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry A.Medvedev, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey V.Lavrov, other statesmen of Russia, African countries and other regions of the world.

    Сотрудничество ALLWE с Росэксимбанком и Афроэксимбанком, а также использование других ведущих российских и международных финансовых структур, дает наиболее оптимальные варианты финансирования в форме льготного экспортного кредитования самых разных сделок зарубежным партнерам.

    The cooperation of ALLWE with Roseximbank and Afroeximbank, as well as the use of other leading Russian and international financial institutions, gives the most optimal financing options in the form of preferential export crediting of various transactions to foreign partners.

  • 18 JUNE Renewable Energy & Electric Vehicles International Exposition
    ALLWE took part in the international exhibition "Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles" on June 18-20, 2019 in the Expocenter, Moscow.

    The global change in the energy balance towards renewable energy sources will increase up to 20% by 2030, and above all these are environmental benefits with trends in equipment cost reduction. Environmentally friendly, energy-saving power-generation is the basis of the strategy of scientific and technological development for many countries of the world.

    The exhibition and the Forum provided the company with a unique opportunity to study in detail the innovative projects of Russian and foreign scientific organizations and industrial companies that are performing the research in the field of new energy, and to increase general awareness of this topical issue in the interest of shaping the export potential of Russian industrial enterprises.

  • 12 JUNE Business Meeting in Havana, Cuba
    On June 12, 2019, a meeting was held at the National Hotel in Havana at the initiative of the Cuban Chamber of Commerce on overcoming the illegal sanctions imposed by the United States and its satellites on foreign trade organizations of Cuba and other countries.

    Representatives of foreign commercial companies, ambassadors, as well as representatives of Cuban ministries and departments spoke at the meeting: First Deputy Foreign Trade Minister Antonio Carricarte, Cuban Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Orlando Guillen, Director of the US Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba Carlos de Cossio and other government officials. The central topic of discussion was the law of Helm Barton and its influence on the foreign trade of the Republic. Representatives of foreign companies cooperating with Cuba were informed that the cooperation will certainly continue, despite any pressure and threats from the United States.

    Silvino Rodriguez, Head of the Havana Office, participated in the meeting on behalf of ALLWE.

  • 31 MAY Vietnam-Russia Business Forum on Trade and Investment Promotion
    On May 31, 2019, representatives of ALLWE took part in the business meeting “Vietnam-Russia Business Forum on Trade and Investment Promotion” under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

    A large delegation of Vietnamese industrial, construction and agricultural enterprises, as well as representatives of state bodies visited Moscow for participation in the forum. During the meeting, the participants listened to the statements of the Vietnamese commercial attache Mr. Trinh Xuan Hieu and the director of the Center for the Promotion of Industry and Trade of Vietnam Mr. Le Hong Minh. The main topics of the speeches were the development of trade turnover between the two countries and overcoming the obstacles caused by the current state of the international market.

    Representatives of ALLWE held a series of business meetings with Vietnamese companies, officials of the Embassy and the Ministry of Commerce of Vietnam, at which the most relevant projects and financial solutions for their implementation were proposed. Agreements were reached on the need to establish strong contacts for expanding trade and investment relations between the two countries.

  • 30 MAY Forum "Russia-Africa: Partnership for Development"
    ALLWE President B.I. Skripnik participated in the International Business Forum “Russia-Africa: Partnership for Development”, which took place on May 30, 2019 under the leadership of the Chamber of Commerce and was confined to the celebration of the Day of African Unity. The forum was held six months before the big event for Russian-African relations, the first in the history of Russia of the same-name summit, chaired by the presidents of the Russian Federation and Egypt.

    The forum was attended by Ambassadors and representatives of several countries of Central, North and East Africa, Russian officials and interested commercial organizations.

    As part of negotiations with representatives of official circles of Rwanda and Kenya, ALLWE presented opportunities in a number of social programs for wastewater treatment, modern technologies for waste disposal, projects in the energy and medical fields.

  • 24 MAY ALLWE once again recognized as the best "Exporter of the Year"
    Within the framework of the annual competition for the National Award in the field of entrepreneurial activity “Golden Mercury”, held by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation, for the second year in a row ALLWE was declared the winner in the nomination “Best exporting enterprise in international innovation cooperation.”

    May 24, 2019 a solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the regional competition "Golden Mercury - 2018" was held in the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

    During the event, representatives of small and medium businesses were awarded for significant achievements in their fields of activity. As one of the leading Russian enterprises in the export of high-tech products, ALLWE has repeatedly been the winner in the “Exporter of the Year” nomination. The award for the last year’s activities is a recognition of our achievements in promoting Russian high technologies to foreign markets. The projects proposed by ALLWE, including those that are socially significant, are relevant for many regions of the world that are actively developing their economies.

  • 24 MAY ALLWE headed the delegation of Russian enterprises to Nigeria
    In order to develop trade and economic cooperation, in May 2019, under the auspices of the Russia-Nigeria Business Council, a delegation of Russian enterprises headed by the President of ALLWE, B. Skripnik, visited the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

    Within the framework of the visit of Business Council Russia-Nigeria members and with the participation of the Ambassador of Nigeria to Russia, Professor Steve D. Ugbah, meetings and negotiations with the President of the Chamber of Commerce Abuja Mr. Adetokundo Adelina Kayode and the Director General of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lagos Mr. Muda Yusuf were held on the development of trade economic relations in a number of areas: energy, industrial production, social projects, as well as a variety of questions regarding real demand of the industry as a whole. During the visit, meetings and negotiations were held with the Minister of Mines Abubabakar Bawa Bwari, the Minister of Communications Dr. Abdur-Raheem Adebayo Shittu, Deputy Minister of Water Resources Elijah A.Adribigbe on a number of promising projects, including investment opportunities of the Russian consortium working in this direction.

    Together with the Nigerian company EFORSE, agreements on the opening of the regional West African representative office with headquarters in Abuja were signed. Prospects for joint cooperation with the countries of West Africa were discussed with the Dangote group of companies on the project for the construction of dry docks, offshore platforms, energy generating centers based on the capabilities of the United Engine Corporation.

    The total portfolio of projects is estimated at more than 3.5 billion US dollars. The consolidation of the joint efforts of high-tech industrial enterprises of Russia and a number of industrial enterprises of Nigeria in the long term by 2020 will increase the trade turnover between Russia and Nigeria up to 2 billion US dollars.

  • 17 MAY Meeting with representatives of T&T Group - Global, Vietnam
    In preparation for the visit of the Chairman of the Board of the T&T Group-Vietnam, Mr. Do Quang Hien, to Russia the representatives of the corporation visited ALLWE’s office on May 17, 2019, to meet with the President Mr. B.I.Skripnik.

    During the negotiations, the parties discussed the issues of priority projects in the fields of energy, the supply of oil and gas equipment, integrated innovative water treatment systems, nuclear medicine, fruit and vegetable processing lines, as well as other important and significant projects. Much attention was paid to the matter of joint work on the projects that carry weight for the development of Russian-Vietnamese friendship and trade and economic relations.

    Representatives of the T&T Group appreciated the financial and commercial benefits of ALLWE and offered to sign a cooperation agreement. The President of the company received an invitation to the official opening of a branch of T&T Group - Global Russia and visit the T&T Group - Global in Vietnam to continue cooperation.

  • 06 MAY Meeting with the management of Tecnoimport, Cuba
    Tecnoimport was the first Cuban organization with which ALLWE’s cooperation with Cuba began 12 years ago. After the change in the management of Tecnoimport, the newly appointed Director General Heriberto Sanchez Alleyne met with the President of ALLWE B.I.Skripnik in Moscow to discuss the prospects for commercial cooperation and clarify the new methods and principles of Tecnoimport in a changing international environment and in connection with the complication of working conditions faced by both companies.

    The management of the Companies analyzed and agreed on plans to address the financing of commercial operations and growth in commodity turnover. Furthermore, the parties discussed new areas in which we could successfully cooperate: integrated projects in Cuba, reconstruction and modernization of Cuban industrial facilities, organization of joint manufacturing facilities on the basis of Russian advanced technologies to satisfy the demands of the Cuban market and subsequent export to the markets of Latin America. Both sides agreed that the supplies of traditional historically developed product range should also be continued.

  • 08 APRIL ARABIA EXPO 2019 and opening of the XII session of the Russian-Arab Business Council
    As part of its foreign economic activity in the Middle East and the strengthening of trade and economic cooperation between the Russian Federation and the countries of the League of Arab States, ALLWE participated in the opening of the ARABIA EXPO 2019 exhibition and in the opening of the XII session of the Russian-Arab Business Council held in the Central Manezh on April 8-10, 2019. The event was attended by more than 3,000 professionals from the countries of the League of Arab States and Russia. ARABIA EXPO is considered to be the only and largest event in Russia and the CIS, bringing together all the countries of the League of Arab States and the regions of the Russian Federation.

    Representatives of ALLWE held a series of business meetings with Arab and Russian companies, officers of diplomatic missions of Egypt, Syria. Agreements have been reached on the necessity for further meetings to establish stronger ties with the Middle East and North Africa.

    The exhibition allows to track current investments trends in Russia and the Middle East, and reflects both the possibilities of food, light and heavy industry in individual regions of the Russian Federation and of the Arab countries.

  • 04 APRIL Diversified Russian-Venezuelan Business Forum
    As part of the development of trade and economic cooperation with Venezuela, representatives of ALLWE on April 4, 2019 took part in a plenary meeting of the Diversified Russian-Venezuelan Business Forum.

    The format of the event allowed to conduct the “horizontal” communications between representatives of the two countries for the first time. Russian and Venezuelan businessmen discussed cooperation in the field of energy, the mining industry, tourism development, the production of tobacco and shoes, the supply of food, cocoa and chocolate, seafood and alcohol at the forum.

    During the negotiations with the Deputy General Director of the oil-producing state company PDVSA Alejandro Rojas and President of the Export-Import State Company of the Province of Miranda Hector Silva, ALLWE presented opportunities for implementation of high-tech projects in the energy, mechanical engineering and oil&gas sectors. Particular attention was focused on the discussion of projects for the construction of water purification and desalination plants in Latin America. To establish stronger ties, they agreed to visit the ALLWE office during the next visit to Moscow.

  • 22 MARCH Meeting with the chairman of the company Avia Prom Solutions, India
    On March 22, 2019, Mr. Arun Rana, Chairman and Managing Director of Avia Prom Solutions, India, visited the ALLWE office.

    During the meeting, the parties discussed the problems of the modern world market, trade relations between India and Russia, opportunities and prospects for companies to cooperate in implementing projects at various levels in the Indian market and in other countries of Southeast Asia. Presentations on water treatment projects, equipment for radiation sterilization, safety systems, mobile camps and construction of a plant for the production of expanded clay for pre-fabricated housing were examined. A representative of the Indian company paid special attention to the opportunities of ALLWE regarding financing and investing these projects.

    Mr. Rana thanked the President for the warm welcome and expressed interest in the further step-by-step development of relations for the establishment of lasting mutually beneficial cooperation.

  • 15 MARCH The Russian delegation visited Egypt as part of of the modernization project of the Helwan Metallurgical Complex
    As part of the project for the reconstruction of the Helwan Metallurgical Complex in the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Russian delegation headed by the President of the Foreign Trade Company ALLWE B.I. Skripnik visited Egypt on March 15, 2019 to inspect the state of the plant and negotiate the requirements for modernization. The delegation included representatives of leading Russian enterprises in a number of industrial, financial and scientific fields that were included in the formatting Russian-Egyptian Consortium. From the Egyptian side the strategic partner is the Arab Industrialization Organization.

    The reconstruction of the Helwan Complex, built with the participation of USSR specialists in the 60s of the last century, is carried out within the framework of the adopted state plan for the development of strategic industries. Based on modern technologies, the alliance of Russian and Egyptian companies will modernize and comprehensively develop the metallurgical complex, which will enable to bring the products of the enterprise to the local and international market at competitive prices.

    During the visit, the delegation was received by the Minister of the Public Business Sector of Egypt, Hisham Taufik. During the reception ALLWE demonstrated a presentation of the prospects for the reconstruction of the Helwan complex using efficient technical, financial and scientific resources and investment opportunities for such a large-scale project.

    According to the results of the negotiations and assessment of the state of the plant, the Russian consortium will prepare and submit to the Ministry of Public Business Sector of the Arab Republic of Egypt a program of comprehensive phased development of the enterprise based on modernization and innovative solutions, new technologies with the participation of leading institutions and scientific communities of Russia.

  • 05 MARCH Exhibition "Maintenance and overhaul of aviation equipment"
    On March 5-6, 2019, representatives of ALLWE took part in the event, which was entirely devoted to current issues in the development of the maintenance and overhaul industry for aircrafts and aviation equipment. More than 80 companies from 25 countries of the world performed as exhibitors at the exhibition site of the event.

    During the meetings and negotiations, agreements were reached on cooperation in a whole range of areas: supplies of aviation technologies and airfield equipment, onboard equipment for Russian-made aircrafts currently operating in Latin America, the Middle East, and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

    Attractive price availability and quality of Russian-made aircrafts and aviation equipment increases demand and exigency for them on the world market every year.

  • 27 FEBRUARY Meeting with a representative of the Embassy of the Republic of Sudan
    February 27, 2019 the President of ALLWE, B.I.Skripnyk received a visit from a representative of the Embassy of the Republic of Sudan, Mr. Mohamed E.A. Rahma.

    During the meeting, the parties discussed the current bilateral economic cooperation between Russia and Sudan. They touched upon topics related to increasing the supplies of high-tech Russian-made products to Sudan, such as: mobile stations for drinking water treatment, mobile autonomous camps, seawater desaltization systems, a wastewater treatment project, medical equipment, both diagnostic and therapeutic developments of the Rosatom Corporation, supplies of aerotechnical and aerodrome equipment for the support of the technical integrity of the Russian-made aviation equipment and machinery in Sudan, mini power plants.

    Mr. Rakhma, within the framework of the modern export financing tools and export capabilities offered to him by one of the leading integrator of industrial companies in the Russian Federation, Foreign Trade Company ALLWE, proposed to hold a series of meetings with a delegation of a state corporation from Sudan in March-April of this year. The Sudanese side will be glad to discuss areas of bilateral cooperation in the interests of Republic of Sudan and Russian Federation. Also, the Sudanese side was informed that the Foreign Trade Company ALLWE is participating together with Arab Republic of Egypt and Russian enterprises in the project for creation of a consortium for the construction of a transcontinental railway in Africa and expressed hope for a prompt accession of Republic of Sudan to a promising historical project.

  • 22 FEBRUARY The project for the construction of a nuclear power plant in Egypt
    Together with one of the largest construction companies in Egypt, REDCON Construction Co. S.A.E, the Egyptian construction industry enterprises, ALLWE participates in a tender for the first phase of the construction of the nuclear island of the first two power-generating units of the nuclear power plant El-Dabaa. Using its 30-year experience of cooperation with foreign structures in different countries of the world, the company has professional capabilities to maximally and high-efficiently express itself in this project, working with Russian companies of the nuclear industry, Egyptian and Russian logistic structures.

    Close cooperation with such banks as Roseximbank, Sberbank, VTB, VEB allows to provide financing for one of the first stages of the project. Administrative and financial management allows to implement the processes of planning, organization, coordination, control and teamwork, which is the formula for achieving the intended goals.

  • 20 FEBRUARY Railway construction project on the African continent
    Foreign trade company ALLWE was invited in March of this year to visit the head office of the Arab Organization for Industrialization of Egypt to discuss the creation of an Egyptian-Russian consortium with the aim of forming a project for the construction of railways on the African continent. The project envisages the creation of a unified rail line connecting the north (Alexandria, Egypt) and the south (Cape Town, RSA) of Africa, as well as several highways on the territory of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

    ALLWE is negotiating with Russian Railways, JSC “RZDstroy”, JSC Roszheldorproject, RZD International, ELTEZA, The Union of Railway Constructors, Uralvagonzavod, as well as with leading Russian and Egyptian banks in order to design the architecture projects.

  • 28 JANUARY A meeting with Egyptian Company for Space Applications and Remote Sensing
    On January 28, 2019, bilateral negotiations were held in the office building of ALLWE between the Chairman of the Egyptian Company for Space Applications and Remote Sensing (ESCARS), Dr. Hussein El-Shafie, and the President of the ALLWE company Bogdan I. Skripnik. The meeting was also attended by ESCARS engineer Abdelhakim AbdelNaser, the director of the JSC Research Institute Graphite E.P.Mayanov, and other representatives of relevant structures on both sides.

    The topics of joint participation in the consortium on new projects with the largest Egyptian corporation “Arab Organization for Industrialization” (AOI): reconstruction and modernization of railway infrastructure from Cairo to Aswan, as well as to the border of Northern Sudan, from Marsa Alem to Alexandria, and the creation of a Trans-African railway from Alexandria to Cape Town; the supply of technical-aviation equipment for the Helwan Aircraft Repair Plant; the reconstruction project of the Helwan Metallurgical Complex; participation in the tender for the NPP El-Dabaa construction project; modernization of the Hydroelectric station in the city of Aswan; participation in a number of promising and innovative areas in Egypt. Further steps to expand the work with investment structures and activities were also outlined.

    The agreements reached as a result of this meeting with our strategic partner in Egypt suggest that the Egyptian companies have a growing need for high-tech Russian-origin equipment, which has proven its competitiveness, reliability and relevance, as well as the need for the presence of Russian companies on the Egyptian market.

  • 24 JANUARY A meeting with Singapore Oil and Energy Pte Ltd.
    On January 24, 2019, a meeting was held at the ALLWE office with the chairmen of the company Singapore Oil and Energy Pte Ltd., led by company President Brian Chang. The negotiations were attended by Radinsky Konstantin Olegovich, President of the non-profit organization "Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacturers Association".

    During the meeting, the parties discussed projects for the construction of shelf platforms for the extraction of hydrocarbon minerals at various deposits around the world, as well as the possibility of the creation of a project for a liquefied natural gas storage facility in the Philippines. ALLWE executives presented the worldwide opportunities of ALLWE to the Singaporean side. Mr. Chang paid special attention to the company's ability to export Russian and Singaporean technologies all around the world.

    Mr. Chang expressed his interest in further cooperation and thanked the President of ALLWE for the efficiency and warm welcome. The parties came to an understanding regarding future plans and the need for the progressive development of their relations.

  • 18 JANUARY Formal reception by the Embassy of Republic of Cuba
    On January 18, 2019, at the invitation of the Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba, representatives of ALLWE took part in a formal reception devoted to the 60th anniversary of the victory of the Cuban revolution, which was held at the Cultural Center under the Russian Foreign Ministry. The reception was attended by almost the entire Cuban community in Moscow, including families of diplomats.

    The official part consisted of speeches by Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Russian Federation, Gerardo Penalver, and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Ryabkov Sergey Alekseyevich. The strategic nature of friendly relations between our countries was emphasized in both speeches. The Embassy staff gave a small concert of the Cuban national songs and music.

    A folklore ensemble from Cuba performed in front of the guests. Friends of Cuba from various political and social organizations and Russian parliamentarians also attended the event.

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