• 25 JULY Meeting with Representatives of Helicopter Service Company
    ALLWE has been working for many years with JSC Helicopter Service Company (HSC), which is a part of the holding company Helicopters of Russia. On July 25, 2018, ALLWE’s President Bogdan Skripnik met with representatives of the organization: Director of After-Sales Service Department N.S. Bashkirova and her deputy S.V. Artemyev.

    Being a representative of international structures such as the Helicopter International Association, the International Association of Aviation Suppliers, the European Organization of Aviation Suppliers, and confirming the status of the international quality management standard ISO 9001: 2008 and EN 9120: 2010 (AS9120A) for the aerospace industry, since 1992, the Company supports the Russian aviation equipment being operated in many countries of the world.

    The negotiations paid a lot of attention to the issue of increasing the efficiency and the scope of supplies of aviation and technical equipment using the entire product mix of the Helicopter Service Company, both from the shelf and in production. In order to develop a concrete solution, the meeting participants touched upon deliveries of helicopter and aviation components of high importance, which require a special permit from the holding company Helicopters of Russia.

    The parties agreed to continue working using the full potential of both companies to draft commercial offers in the interests of operating companies abroad.

  • 25 JULY Meeting with Top Managers of CSC Concept, Italy
    In an effort to meet the highest requirements of its partner companies in Russia and abroad, ALLWE cooperates with large enterprises that have established themselves as manufacturers of modern high-quality equipment.

    On July 25, 2018 ALLWE’s President of Bogdan Skripnik met at the company office with Production Director Silvio Giacometti and Export Manager Tatiana Galichenko of the Italian company CSC Concept, one of the largest manufacturers of dynamometric equipment in Europe.

    The parties discussed the import of CSC Concept products in the interests of Russian enterprises. The guests spoke about the competitive advantages of the dynamometric tools they manufacture and confirmed interest in their acquisition by a number of Russian companies, such as PJSC Uralmashzavod, Kamaz Group of Companies, LLC Peugeot Citroen Mitsubishi Auto Rus and others.

    Representatives of CSC Concept offered ALLWE to sign a dealer agreement with setting up a regional representative office in Russia and to represent the products of the Italian company not only in the domestic market but also in the countries of ALLWE’s presence, in particular in Latin America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

  • 18 JULY Meeting with Representatives of Progress Trading, Slovakia
    Within the frame of the project for the supply of aviation equipment for Mi-8 helicopters and also with the purpose to discuss opportunities for cooperation in other business areas, the representatives of Progress Trading, spol. s.r.o. flew to Moscow from Slovakia and visited the office of ALLWE on July 18, 2018.

    With the intensification of economic cooperation and the increase in trade between Russia and the countries of Eastern Europe, ALLWE has ample opportunities to meet a variety of needs in Russian equipment, as well as provide the most attractive financial conditions targeted to each partner’s specific business requirements.

    The Slovak company has been working with Russian-made equipment for many years and knows its reliability and quality. That is why its Director Rastislav Nemcovsky at a meeting with ALLWE’s President B.I. Skrypnik expressed readiness to expand partnerships in the energy and machine-building industries. Attention was focused on the discussion of projects in the field of pharmaceuticals and medicine, in particular, nuclear medicine.

    As a result of the meeting, the parties agreed to continue work in the field of aviation and also to prepare for signing an additional agreement on the supply of medical equipment.

  • 12 JULY Meeting in the Embassy of the Republic of Angola
    As part of the strategy to expand foreign trade activities in Africa, ALLWE’s President B. Skrypnik visited the Embassy of Angola in Russia on July 12, 2018 to meet with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Joaquim Augusto de Lemos and Minister-Counselor Gon?alves Antonio Miguel.

    Among a number of socially significant projects they considered, the most urgent for the economy of Angola and activation of cooperation between the enterprises of the two countries were proposals for the construction of prefabricated buildings based on modern inexpensive technologies, mobile hospitals and waste water treatment for reuse. Mr. Goncalves has also said that the development of aviation and oil&gas industry, which requires modern high-quality equipment, is currently the most priority for the country.

    With the aim of speeding up the beginning of official supplies in the interests of Angola, the representatives of the Embassy expressed their readiness to assist in processing the accreditation of the Company with government structures, ministries and departments of the country.  
  • 29 JUNE Meeting with the Representative of the Embassy of the Philippines
    Carrying out the task of developing commodity markets in Southeast Asia the Company presented more than 10 innovative projects for a number of industries in the Philippines. As part of the ongoing work on the supply of machinery, equipment and means of transportation to the Philippines, on June 29, the Company hosted Jeffrey Valdez, the Head of the Economic Department of the Embassy of the Philippines in Moscow.

    In order to intensify direct ties between our Company and business structures, the parties discussed various forms of cooperation, including the possibility of supplying Russian helicopters. One of the fundamental drivers of trade and economic cooperation is development in the field of energy, supplies of oil and gas equipment, agriculture investment projects. Business interactions within the frame of Russia-ASEAN relations are especially important for the Company, as it consolidates a number of countries using the best achievements of the Russian high-tech industry.

    Jeffrey Valdez expressed his readiness to assist and speed up legalization of Russian documents in the Embassy of the Philippines and invited the President of ALLWE B. Skripnik to take part in the 2-nd meeting of the Joint Russian-Philippine Commission for Trade and Economic Cooperation in September 2018.
  • 27 JUNE Meeting with the Ambassador of Egypt
    June 27, 2018 in the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, the President of the Company B. Skripnik met with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Arab Republic of Egypt to the Russian Federation Mr. Ihab Nasr. The First Secretary of the Embassy Mr. Osman Magdy also attended the meeting.

    In the course of the talks, the parties discussed priority projects in the field of energy, supplies of oil and gas equipment, integrated innovative water treatment systems, desalination of seawater, radiation sterilization of agricultural products and other important projects as well as their investment attractiveness.

    For its part, the Company received an invitation to participate in a mega project for the construction of an energy hub in the country ensuring supply of oil, gas and electricity not only to Egypt but also to the neighboring countries.

    The Company submitted to the Ambassador for review over ten readily available projects, which are already being implemented in various countries.
  • 21 JUNE Russia-Uruguay. Meeting in the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
    In order to expand the geography of presence in the Latin America region and further develop international economic cooperation, the President ALLWE B. Skripnik took part in the meeting of the Working Group of the Russian-Uruguayan Intergovernmental Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation, which was held on June 21, 2018 in the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

    At present, in the context of increasing trade flow between the countries and strengthening foreign policy cooperation, the Uruguayan side views Russia as a strategic foreign trade partner with the use of private business opportunities.

    The meeting discussed the possibility of expanding the legal framework of Russian-Uruguayan trade and economic relations in various areas of cooperation. It was noted that the main spheres of mutual interest for intensification of foreign trade turnover are industry and energy, pharmaceuticals, railway engineering, and innovations.

    As part of negotiations with the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, ALLWE presented its available resources for the implementation of high-tech projects in the field of energy, medical, engineering, aviation and oil and gas industries. Particular attention was focused on discussing projects for the construction of water treatment and water desalination plants in Latin America.

  • 20 JUNE Signing the Agreement with INBANK
    On June 20, 2018, the top managers of ALLWE and INBANK signed the Agreement on a revolving credit line.

    Confirming the ALLWE’s professionalism and well-known reputation in the professional circles, the Bank made a prompt decision to open a credit line, which allows developing successful foreign trade activities on a wide range of export supplies of high-tech equipment to many countries of the world.

    INBANK demonstrated the ability to navigate in complex issues of banking activities, consistency, and understanding of the relevance and timeliness of business decisions aimed at enhancing the export capabilities of our Company.

    Cooperation between the two leading structures, such as ALLWE and INBANK, provides the best options for financing transactions in the form of preferential export credits.
  • 18 JUNE Meeting with Minister Counselor I of the Embassy of Ethiopia
    On June 18, 2018, negotiations were held at the Company office with trade representatives of the Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia - Markos Geta Alito, Minister Counselor I, and Bellete Sisay Aragaw, Economic Expert. This meeting was a continuation of the working contact of ALLWE’s management with Grum Abay Teshome, Ethiopia's Ambassador to Russia.

    In the course of discussion of bilateral trade and economic relations, among all proposed projects the guests showed particular interest in quickly erectable housing made of prefabricated blocks of lightweight expanded clay aggregate (LECA) and construction of water treatment facilities.

    The Ethiopian trade representatives focused special attention on ALLWE’s participation in socially significant programs and setting up new enterprises on the territory of the country with the aim of import substitution.
  • 09 JUNE Signing Agreement with ROSEXIMBANK
    On June 9, 2018, managers of ALLWE and ROSEKIMBANK met to sign an agreement on the opening of a credit line for the Company's projects in Latin America, the Middle East and the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

    The signed agreement and the work with one of the leading banks, specifically aimed to stimulate export of Russian products, allows the Company to open new opportunities for its partners, offer the most favorable financial terms and expand prospects for cooperation.

  • 05 JUNE Meeting with the Ambassador of Bolivia
    On June 05, 2018, ALLWE’s President B.I. Skripnik met with the Ambassador of the Plurinational State of Bolivia Hugo Villarroel Senzano. The newly appointed Ambassador showed interest in negotiations with one of Russia's leading companies supplying non-primary products to Latin America.

    The parties discussed development of bilateral foreign trade relations, projects that had already been started by the Company as well as a range of investment opportunities in socially significant areas.

    The discussion involved detailed presentations of challenging projects in the field of energy, medicine, construction, machine building, oil and gas equipment.

    Particular interest was focused on the Company's participation in tenders for the construction of water treatment plants in a number of regions of Bolivia, such as Potosi and Tarija, for which the Company is currently undergoing state registration procedures in the relevant departments and ministries.

  • 04 JUNE Meeting with Inbank Management
    On June 4, 2018 ALLWE President B.I. Skripnik met with the management of Inbank - Chairman of the Board S.Yu. Yudintsev and Director of the Department M.A. Frolov.

    By combining the best traditions of a classic bank with modern technologies, Inbank preserves the main values and reliability of finance in a dynamically developing modern world. Cooperation with the bank opened for the Company new prospects for pre-contract financing, defined a new perspective for foreign trade activities.

    In a relatively short time, the bank has made a decision to open a credit line for financing Cuban, Transworld and other foreign trade partners’ contracts. 
  • 24 MAY XI International Exhibition of Helicopter Industry HeliRussia 2018
    ALLWE took part in the largest European exhibition of helicopter industry HeliRussia 2018, which was held in Moscow on May 24-26. 246 companies participated in the exhibition this year including 49 foreign exhibitors from 19 countries.

    On the sidelines of the exhibition ALLWE representatives held negotiations with foreign companies and reached agreements on repair contracts, obtained orders for the supply of helicopter and ground equipment, spares and components. We also agreed on a wider range of lines of cooperation with our permanent Russian partners: Russian Aviation House, Russian Helicopters and United Engine Corporation.

    In addition to the meetings on the exhibition grounds, our partners from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Iran, and South Korea visited the Company’s office where agreed on a number of key issues relating to already signed and future contracts.

  • 21 MAY Presentation of the Economic Potential of Ethiopia
    As part of the expansion of trade and economic cooperation with East African countries, ALLWE participated in the Presentation of Ethiopian Economic and Investment Potential, which took place on May 21, 2018 in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

    The Ethiopian Ambassador to Russia Grum Abay Teshome stated the need for closer interaction between the business circles of Russia and Ethiopia, as well as the willingness of the Embassy to provide all possible support and assistance in this matter.

    One of the priority tasks the company faces is the development of international economic cooperation with the countries of East Africa. Currently, negotiations are underway to open a company representative office in the region, which will have a qualitative impact on the development of business relations and implementation of future projects.

  • 18 MAY ALLWE Recognized as the Best Exporter of the Year
    Annually, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation is running a competition within the framework of the National Prize for Entrepreneurship "Golden Mercury". On May 18, 2018, the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of "Golden Mercury - 2017".

    As one of the Russian leaders in the field of export of high-tech products, ALLWE has repeatedly won in the category "Exporter of the Year". Based on the results of its activities over the past year, the company has been recognized as the most advanced and successful in nomination "The Best Exporting Enterprise in the Sphere of International Innovation Cooperation".

    With the aim to develop its export opportunities ALLWE is steadily expanding the geography of its presence. Today, the company supplies products to Latin and Central America, the Middle East, South and South-East Asia. The company is actively developing cooperation with the companies in the countries of North, East and South Africa. The projects proposed by ALLWE, such as facilities for treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater, production of materials for prefabricated buildings, cleaning and processing of agricultural products are eagerly sought in many regions that actively develop their economies.

  • 16 MAY Meeting with Chilean Minister Plenipotentiary to Russia
    ALLWE has very close partnerships with many countries in Latin America. The Ñompany’s representative office has been operating in the region for many years allowing quick and high-quality implementation of joint projects.

    In support of business relations with the Trade Mission of Chile in Russia, another meeting was held with Minister Plenipotentiary Jose Campusano Alarcon on 16 May 2018.

    Knowing ALLWE’s reputation as a reliable supplier of high-tech products to Chile, the representative of the Trade Mission expressed interest in discussing projects related to a wide range of industries: energy, pharmaceuticals and agriculture, which could be useful for the country.

    As part of the strengthening of Russian-Chilean cooperation, the Minister expressed his readiness to continue to assist in the development of trade relations between ALLWE and private enterprises and government institutions of Chile.

  • 14 MAY Russia-Ecuador. Meeting in the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
    14 May 2018, a meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission for Trade and Economic Cooperation between Russia and Ecuador was held in the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

    ALLWE, being a large foreign trade company with many years of export experience, is always involved in developing state measures aimed to create the most favorable conditions for international economic cooperation, in particular with Latin American countries.

    The meeting noted that Russia is interested in increasing technological exports to Ecuador and one of the tools to improve export opportunities is enhancement of cooperation using resources offered by major financial institutions and foreign trade companies.

    In the course of negotiations with the representatives of the Embassy and Trade Mission of Ecuador in Russia, Director of the Department of the Ministry of Foreign Trade of the Republic of Ecuador Ms. Andrea Caceres discussed ALLWE's high-tech projects in Latin American countries and the Company's participation in the current programs of Ecuador planned at the government level.

  • 25 APRIL EURASIA Airshow in Antalya, Turkey
    Company President Bogdan I. Skripnik attended EURASIA AIRSHOW in Antalya, Turkey. This is the first international air show in the history of Turkey, which took place from 25 through 29 August 2018.

    In the course of meetings and negotiations held at the event, a number of cooperation agreements have been reached on a wide range of business areas, including aircraft repair and overhaul, supply of aviation parts and components, airfield equipment, equipment for aircrafts of western production currently in operation in Russia.

    Particular attention should be paid to signing contracts with partners in the region totaling over 6 million USD. Turkish companies showed a strong interest in cooperation with ALLWE on energy, complete airport security solutions, water treatment facilities and other activity areas. Following its participation in the air show, ALLWE will consider proposals made by its Turkish partners to set up a regional representative office as a necessary structure consolidating the integration processes of the presence of high industrial technologies offered by Russian enterprises not only in Turkey but also in the region as a whole.

  • 18 APRIL Meeting at the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
    Within the context of its foreign economic activities, ALLWE strives to promote further improvement of export opportunities for Russian manufacturers by creating the most favorable conditions for supplies to foreign partners.

    To this end, on April 18, 2018, the Company's representatives took part in a joint meeting of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the Union of Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacturers.

    As it was pointed out during the event, one of the priority tasks at the government level is improving the mechanisms for stimulating and supporting the export of Russian manufacturers' products.

    The business activities carried out by ALLWE and projects being implemented contribute to an increase in the share of Russian exports of technology intensive products to the world market and development of global engagement strategies.

  • 11 APRIL Meeting with CEO of Indian company IRAL
    In its strategy of developing foreign trade relations, ALLWE pays great attention to the region of South Asia. On April 11, 2018, another meeting was held with Chief Executive Officer of IRAL Company A. Agarwal, one of our partners in India.

    The meeting participants discussed development of cooperation not only in supply of aviation components and equipment but also joint work in the field of energy, medical equipment, as well as a wide range of other opportunities within the Company’s statutory activities.

    The agreements reached at the meeting help to reveal the growing demand for Russian-made equipment, which had proved its competitiveness, reliability and increasing demand in the world market.

  • 09 APRIL Cuban Delegation on Nuclear Energy
    As part of the implementation of the Memorandum on Economic Cooperation signed 2016 between ALLWE and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Cuba, a delegation of representatives of the Atomic Energy Agency and Cuba's Isotope Center arrived in Moscow on April 9, 2018 to hold negotiations with the Company's management and enterprises belonging to the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM.

    The parties discussed a number of joint projects in the field of nuclear energy. Strong efforts are being made towards the creation of an industrial plant for the sterilization of agricultural products and medical equipment in Cuba. Much attention has been paid to the supply of components, equipment and parts for the radiopharmaceutical production center.

    As a result of the talks, the parties signed a bilateral protocol on cooperation where documented all agreements reached and set further stages of implementing the goals.

  • 05 APRIL Meeting with the Management of the Central Office of VTB Bank
    When offering to its partners Russian-made products, ALLWE aims to use the best available financing options. In order to increase the investment attractiveness of contracts for our partners, the Company develops cooperation with the largest Russian and international banks.

    Within the framework of long-term cooperation and development of partnership relations with VTB Bank (PJSC), a regular meeting was held on 5 April 2018 with the management of the central office of the Bank. During the meeting, the parties discussed terms and conditions of further joint activities as well as the Bank's participation in extending credits and financing individual agreements with foreign partners.

    Cooperation with leading international and Russian banks, such as Roseximbank, International Investment Bank, Sberbank, VTB and others provides an opportunity to ensure individual approach to lending and trade financing for each project, both domestically and abroad.

  • 05 APRIL Meeting with the Ambassador of the Republic of El Salvador
    In order to ensure further expansion of international trade cooperation, ALLWE management met on April 5, 2018 with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of El Salvador to the Russian Federation Efren Arnoldo Bernal.

    The parties exchanged views on the wide range of issues of mutually beneficial cooperation. They discussed ALLWE participation in the implementation of social projects, supplies of machinery and equipment for various industrial sectors of the Republic of El Salvador.

    The Ambassador expressed readiness to assist in establishing partnership relations with organizations and companies in his country, as well as in ALLWE’s participation in business visits and events of El Salvador.

    This meeting is an additional incentive in strengthening economic ties between the two countries and expanding the areas of bilateral cooperation between Russia and El Salvador.

  • 02 APRIL Meeting with the Commercial Counselor of Vietnam
    ALLWE continues to expand its contacts with foreign diplomatic representations based in Moscow.

    On 2 April 2018, in the building of trade mission at 30, 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya street representatives of Foreign Trade Company ALLWE held negotiations with the Commercial Counselor of the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Russian Federation Mr. Duong Hoang Minh.

    In the course of the meeting, presentations were made to Mr. Minh on the main areas of cooperation offered by ALLWE.

    In addition, the parties discussed such attracting projects as supply of equipment for the processing of meat and fruits, supply of water, electricity and gas meters.

    Mr. Minh expressed interest in developing further contacts with ALLWE and promised to inform the Company in advance about all upcoming joint Russian-Vietnamese events.

  • 28 MARCH Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of CN CEPLA
    ALLWE is actively participating in the work of the National Committee for the Promotion of Economic Cooperation with the Countries of Latin America (CN CEPLA), which for the past two decades has become an important mechanism for trade and economic cooperation between Russia and the countries of Latin America.

    With the active support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation CN CEPLA makes an undeniable contribution to the strengthening of existing economic relations, establishes new channels of cooperation and rightly enjoys the authority and confidence of Russian and Latin American government bodies, business communities of large, medium and small-sized enterprises.

    On March 28, 2018, ALLWE’s President Bogdan I. Skripnik speaking at the anniversary celebration of CN CEPLA noted the important role of the Committee in strengthening effective partnership between Russia and the states of this region in trade, economic, investment, scientific, technological, cultural and humanitarian spheres.

    The guests, which included ambassadors of most Latin American countries, representatives of Russian ministries and agencies, business comminutes and public representatives, in their congratulations said that the Committee is a key link in the development of trade and economic cooperation between Russian and Latin American companies and expressed gratitude for continuous support and assistance.

  • 19 MARCH Meeting with Top Managers of the Ministry of Food Industry of Cuba
    On March 19-20, 2018, within the framework of long-term cooperation and further expansion of the range of products supplied to the Republic of Cuba ALLWE hosted a delegation comprising of Deputy Minister of Food Industry of Cuba Yanoski Calderin Gonzalez, Deputy President of the Corporation of Food Producers Jesus Rodriguez Mendoza and Director of Alimpex Raul Castaneda Avila.

    The meeting participants discussed terms and conditions for the supply of modern equipment for food processing lines. The parties reached an understanding in solving a number of specific issues of this project, signed meeting minutes documenting the reached agreements and further plans for joint work.

    The intention of government agencies and corporations of the Republic of Cuba to implement the food industry upgrade project in the country in cooperation with ALLWE confirms the reputation of the company as a reliable partner and supplier.

  • 27 FEBRUARY Meeting with the Head of Mazen Hammour Internation Group, Syria.
    ALLWE is expanding the geography of its visibility and offers its partners comprehensive solutions and the latest developments in various lines of industry.

    On February 27, 2018, a meeting was held with the Chairman of the Board of Mazen Hammour International Group Mr. M. Hammour, Syrian Arab Republic.

    During the negotiations, the Syrian representative touched upon the possible strategic cooperation and partnership in various areas of the Company's activities, including, among others, aviation, airfield equipment, railway transport, construction, water treatment facilities, power equipment, marine transport, medical devices and equipment for oil fields.

    The parties discussed joint participation of ALLWE and Mazen Hammour International Group in promising projects aimed to both meet the demand of the Syrian market and reconstruct Syrian infrastructure.

    The Syrian party expressed interest in setting up friendly relations with ALLWE based on mutually beneficial business cooperation and confirmed it by signing the Memorandum of Cooperation and giving consent to working out an effective strategy for joint efforts on the Syrian market.

  • 26 FEBRUARY Russian-Syrian Business Forum
    ALLWE strives to promote the most favorable conditions for further development of economic relations with the countries of the Middle East. To this end, Company representatives took part in forum "Russian-Syrian Business Cooperation - Opportunities and Prospects".

    The event, which took place on February 26, 2018 in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, involved more than two hundred Russian and more than hundred Syrian businesspersons, representatives of the executive and legislative authorities, diplomatic officials and journalists.

    The Syrian representatives speaking about restoration of the country’s economy noted that they give priority to cooperation with Russia and direct trade ties between commercial structures of both countries is of great importance in increasing the two-way goods flow.

    ALLWE has already signed several agreements on the development of strategic partnership with a number of large public and private companies in Syria and is ready to promote new business relations and cooperation to the benefit of both countries.

  • 08 FEBRUARY Exhibition of Civil Aviation Infrastructure (NAIS)
    Following commitments to partners, ALLWE participated in the V National Civil Aviation Infrastructure Exhibition (NAIS), which was held in Moscow on February 7-8, 2018. More than 3500 professionals from 25 countries took part in the event.

    The exhibition confirmed the growing popularity of the latest Russian technology. One of the latest unique developments is the BELAZ-74271 airfield tractor, which attracted great interest both from Russian buyers and from foreign buyers.

    The management of ALLWE held a number of business meetings with the largest Russian manufacturers of aeronautical and aerodrome equipment, which resulted in agreements on the development and conclusion of contracts for the equipment export.

  • 07 FEBRUARY Meeting with the representative of the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan
    To develop a strong relationship, and in accordance with the planned projects, a meeting was held with Economic Affairs Adviser of the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Russia Dmitry Li, on February 7, 2018.

    During the meeting, state-significant projects, which ALLWE will carry out with the assistance of Governmental Authorities of Kyrgyzstan, were discussed.

    Our countries have a long history of durable relationship, and joint Russian-Kyrgyz projects are a strong contribution to further strengthening trade and economic cooperation.

  • 23 JANUARY The latest Russian models of heavy building machinery
    As a reputed trustful supplier of modern equipment, ALLWE is always on top with the latest technical innovations in various areas of the economy.

    The Russian Urals plant, a heavy machinery manufacturer, recently completed the last tests of the first 39-ton crawler bulldozer, which belongs to the 20 traction class. Bulldozer has a high performance in fuel economy, noise performance, reliability and maintainability.

    As part of foreign economic activities, ALLWE offers its partners the most advanced technologies in various industries.

  • 17 JANUARY Meeting of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Russian Federation with representatives of science
    In the context of projects of equipment supply, ALLWE pays great attention to the improvement and development of Russian production technology.

    On January 17, 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia held a meeting with representatives of one of the leading universities in the country - the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). The meeting was devoted to the latest achievements of science in industries of food, agricultural and construction machinery. During the event, the latest innovative developments were presented and discussed. The meeting participants noted the need to pay more attention to the interaction process between science, production and education.

    Following the contracts, ALLWE supplies modern equipment and is ready to introduce the latest achievements of Russian production to meet the highest requirements.

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