• 21 MARCH The director of the Turkish company Ozer Export visited the ALLWE’s office
    On March 21, 2024, Mr. Ramazan Osiri, Director and Partner of Serhat Mysyryly of the Turkish company Ozer Export Ramazan, paid a working visit to the company's office.

    During the meetings, the parties paid attention to the development of trade and economic cooperation in the context of heavy sanctions pressure on business structures in the Middle East and Asia Minor. The parties discussed issues of financial logistics, export and import supplies of high-tech products and consumer goods, obtaining samples and trial batches, as well as the possibilities of multi-module Turkish logistics to meet the demand for necessary goods and products from Russia.

    The parties agreed to expand the range of products for export and import, as well as plans and prospects for providing various types of assistance and support to their partners to optimize business processes and increase supplies to Turkey and third countries.

  • 22 FEBRUARY Meeting with a representative of the Embassies of Colombia in Russia
    On February 22, 2024, Juan Camilo Gonzalez Ladino, Director of the representative office of the ProColombia state organization, representative of the Colombian Trade Department at the Colombian Embassy in Russia, visited the ALLWE office.

    At the meeting, they discussed issues of increasing Russian-Colombian trade cooperation, expanding the range of exports of high-tech Russian-made products, and ALLWE's capabilities in solving logistics issues and financial flows between the countries.

    Camilo Gonzalez noted that the potential of economic cooperation between our countries currently significantly exceeds the trade turnover. Colombia is also ready to offer a number of products for import to Russia, such as the supply of food and agricultural products, textiles and much more. K. Gonzalez invited President B.I. Skripnik and ALLWE employees to visit the Macrorruedas exhibition in Colombia on April 22-26, 2024, where there will be an opportunity to get acquainted with manufacturers and suppliers of products in various sectors of the economy.

    As a result of the negotiations, the parties continued to correspond and exchange more detailed information on mutually beneficial areas of cooperation. Gonzalez expressed interest in presenting the opportunities of ALLWE to a number of Colombian enterprises.

  • 13 FEBRUARY Meeting of the Russia-Venezuela Business Council
    On February 13, 2024, the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted the first meeting of the updated Russia-Venezuela Business Council (RVBC), organized jointly by the Russian-Venezuelan bank Eurofinance Mosnarbank, the National Committee for the Promotion of Economic Cooperation with Latin American Countries (NC SEPLA) and the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

    The meeting was attended by Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation V.I.Padalko, representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Eurofinance Mosnarbank, the state-owned Venezuelan company PDVSA, Russian enterprises and organizations. Representatives of ALLWE, as a member of the Council, were also invited and participated.

    Sergey Yarosh, Chairman of the Board, President of Eurofinance Mosnarbank, which was established in 2009 as a Russian-Venezuelan bank, noted the common position of Russia and Venezuela as countries under international sanctions. He also stressed that the main task of the Council is to increase trade turnover and industrial cooperation between our countries and Eurofinance Mosnarbank is ready to support Russian entrepreneurs in cooperation with Venezuela.

    It was noted that the planned opening of a Russian Trade Representative Office in Venezuela and the activities of representative offices in other friendly Latin American countries will have a positive impact on both settlement and logistics issues in working with Venezuelan partners, as well as will enhance bilateral trade between the countries.

  • 24 JANUARY AGROS-2024 Exhibition
    Representatives of the ALLWE company visited the AGROS-2024 exhibition, which was held from January 24 to 26, 2024 at the CROCUS EXPO Exhibition Center in Moscow. The exhibition presented the full range of achievements and innovations in the field of agro-industrial complex.

    In difficult international conditions, Russian enterprises offer modern solutions to increase efficiency in agribusiness and overcome economic and logistical difficulties. The exhibition presents products from manufacturers of Belarus, Turkey and China, as well as Russian enterprises: rakes, trowels, felling machines, forage and silage harvesting equipment, balers, vehicles; equipment for the production of mixed feeds, dryers, sorting lines, lifting and transport equipment (loading lines), storage and storage equipment, crushing and mixing plants, packaging plants could be seen in the section grain storage and processing and much more.

    In order to fully meet the needs of our partners in Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia, ALLWE representatives held talks with the largest Russian enterprises in the field of agriculture, such as AgroNova Group, AGM Parts and others. We agreed to work out agreements for the supply of agricultural equipment according to specific requests from foreign partners.

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