• 26 DECEMBER Reporting meeting of the Presidium of the CN CEPLA
    On December 26, 2023, ALLWE President B.I. Skripnik took part in a meeting of the Presidium of the National Committee for the Promotion of Economic Cooperation with Latin American Countries (CN CEPLA). The meeting was attended by Alexander Shchetinin, Director of the Latin American Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Padalko, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Institute of Latin America of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Rosselkhoznadzor, a number of banks and member companies of the Committee.

    CN CEPLA was established on February 10, 1998 and unites companies and organizations of various profiles aimed at developing cooperation with Latin American countries. CEPLA organizes direct contacts, business meetings, seminars, participation in exhibitions and trade missions, as well as the work of intergovernmental commissions and official visits.

    During the meeting, the report of the Director General of CN CEPLA on the results of work in 2023, as well as the organization's work plan for the first six month of 2024, was heard.

    President B.I. Skripnik noted the important role of CN CEPLA in maintaining and developing the trade and economic activity of Russian entrepreneurs in Latin American countries in various conditions of the international situation. The members of the Presidium who spoke in the debate highly appreciated the work of the CN CEPLA during the reporting period and unanimously approved the Committee's Work Plan for the first half of next year.

  • 21 DECEMBER Presentation on favorable business conditions for Russian companies in Cuba
    On December 21, 2023, an event was held under the leadership of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, where an expanded presentation of business opportunities in Cuba for Russian investors was presented at the site of the international exhibition and forum "Russia". President B.I. Skripnik was invited to the event as the head of the ALLWE Company, which has been working with Cuban enterprises for more than 16 years.

    During the presentation, representatives of relevant ministries and departments, public organizations and business companies spoke about the achieved results of trade and economic cooperation between Russia and Cuba, as well as about joint industrial and investment projects, the main mechanisms for interaction between the parties at the Government level, measures to support Russian exporters and investors. The presentation was moderated by Dmitry Chernyshenko, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia.

    In 2023, Cuba signed documents under which the Cuban side undertook obligations to provide a number of benefits and preferential business conditions for Russian companies on its territory. The signing of these documents will have a positive effect on the economic efficiency of Russian investment projects in Cuba and will allow us to intensify bilateral project activities.

    The decisions taken at the Government level to create favorable conditions for Russian entrepreneurs will allow ALLWE to increase trade turnover both in existing long-term projects with Cuban partner enterprises and in other areas of cooperation, such as transport, energy, construction, agriculture, food, tourism, information technology and communications.

  • 08 NOVEMBER Visit of representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines
    At the invitation of ALLWE President B.I. Skripnik, on November 08, 2023, representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines in the Russian Federation, Vice Consul Nonito S. Cabrera and Attache Mariane Vida I. Cara, paid a return visit to the company's office.

    During the meeting, the parties discussed the current bilateral economic cooperation between Russia and the Philippines. They touched upon topics related to increasing trade turnover between the two countries and expanding exports in the field of energy, the supply of liquefied natural gas and the possibility of building a transport hub, as well as the implementation of social projects for the construction of prefabricated residential facilities in the Republic of the Philippines, the disposal of solid household waste with further electricity generation. In order to activate direct ties between our company and business structures, various forms of cooperation were discussed to meet the needs of the Philippine market.

    The Embassy representatives thanked the President for the warm welcome and expressed their readiness to assist in the development of trade relations with enterprises and companies of the Republic of the Philippines.

  • 19 OCTOBER Meeting with the Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines
    On October 19, 2023, Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines Igor G. Bailen invited ALLWE President B.I. Skripnik and representatives of the Russian-Asian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs to visit the Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines in the Russian Federation. The meeting with Mr. Ambassador, Third Secretary and Vice Consul Nonito S.Cabrera and Deputy Head of Mission and Consul General Lorenza A. Gonzales-Macaisa was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

    During the meeting, the sides discussed issues of bilateral trade and economic cooperation in a difficult international situation. Ambassador Igor G. Bailen expressed readiness to provide all possible support to strengthen and develop cooperation between Filipino and Russian organizations and commercial companies, said that the Philippines is interested in increasing trade turnover between our countries.

    Following the meeting, President B.I. Skripnik invited Ambassador Igor G. Bailen to visit ALLWE to get acquainted with the Company's opportunities and projects planned for implementation in the Republic of the Philippines in the near future.

  • 13 OCTOBER The delegation of the Parliament of the Arab Republic of Egypt visited ALLWE’s office
    As part of the conference organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in Russia on October 9-13, 2023, ALLWE held a meeting with members of the House of Representatives of the ARE Parliament to discuss the involvement of Russian enterprises in a number of major Egyptian projects.

    During the meeting, the delegation members discussed Egypt's trade potential. During the negotiations, the parties paid great attention to the development of trade and economic cooperation between the countries. The parties discussed issues of export and import supplies of high-tech products and consumer goods, obtaining samples and trial batches, issues of accreditation and obtaining the necessary requests.

    Due to the rapidly growing population of a number of African countries, social projects are becoming more relevant. Solutions based on modern technologies presented by ALLWE at the meeting were handed over to the delegation for review by interested persons not only in Egypt, but also in Tanzania and Uganda, which are traditional allies of Egypt. The parties came to an agreement and mutual understanding on further processes of preparation of infrastructure and social projects, as well as the establishment of working groups for the development of technical specifications.

  • 13 OCTOBER Meeting with the Minister of Tourism of Cuba
    On October 13, 2023, the President of ALLWE met with the Minister of Tourism of Cuba Juan Carlos Garcia Granda and Deputy Minister of Development Jose Alberto Perez Laso at the President Hotel in Moscow. The meeting was attended by the Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba in Moscow, Embassy staff and General Director of SESLA T.N. Mashkova.

    The Minister informed about the key importance of the tourism industry for the Cuban economy, which is traditionally the main supplier of currency for the country, as well as about efforts to restore the flow of tourists to the country after the forced isolation caused by Covid. Cubans are counting on an increase in the number of tourists from Russia, as well as on investments by Russian companies in the appropriate infrastructure. Today 190 thousand of our compatriots visit Cuba, in the near future this number will grow to 250 thousand, and in the future to 500 thousand. The introduction of the MIR settlement card in Cuba is at the final stage – Russian tourists, according to the Minister, will be able to pay for all services in rubles.

    B.I. Skripnik spoke about ALLWE's long-term cooperation with Cuban partners and about the efforts made by the company to develop such cooperation in today's difficult conditions. The Ministry of Tourism was offered infrastructure projects that are interesting from the point of view of attractiveness for tourists and guests of this tropical country. The submitted materials were gratefully accepted for further analysis and more detailed discussion by the experts of the parties.

  • 21 SEPTEMBER Visit of the delegation of Bushehr Province, Iran
    On September 21, 2023, a meeting was held in the hall of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry with a delegation from the Iranian province of Bushehr, which was attended by ALLWE President B.I. Skripnik and Head of the Foreign Trade Department A.V. Pozdnyakov.

    The Iranian delegation was headed by the Vice-President of the province, Head of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bushehr Gazdarzi Khurshid. On the part of Iran, Bastin Ali, Economic Adviser for the development of the province, Mohammadi Kazem, trade representative of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as representatives of more than 12 companies participated. The Russian side was attended by the President of the ICCI V.M. Platonov, Chairman of the Commission on Foreign Economic Cooperation with partners of Iran of the ICCI N.A. Mashkov, representatives of enterprises and commercial companies.

    Bushehr province is considered one of the richest regions of Iran, which is confirmed by the presence of gas oil fields (almost 9% of the world's reserves are concentrated in this region), rare earth mines. The developed agro-industrial complex and tropical climate allows producing off-season vegetables all year round. The province is known for its extensive date palm plantations and is a leading exporter of dates from the Persian Gulf countries.

    The developed infrastructure of ports, roads and railways lead directly to the Caspian Sea, which is attractive for investors in financing the construction of new seaports for the development of the logistics strategic North-South project.

    ALLWE has held a number of negotiations with Iranian companies: with the trading company Kazemi Holding; Date Chocolate Production, a manufacturer of dates; Seyyed Hashem Seyyed, a manufacturer of food products; Saynaco, a manufacturer of batteries, including industrial uninterruptible batteries, batteries, as well as all types of equipment for portable systems.

    After returning to Iran, the parties agreed to exchange more detailed information on mutually beneficial areas of cooperation for both companies, to compile and send supply requests for the development of a commercial offer.

  • 21 AUGUST Automechanika Moscow 2023 Exhibition
    On August 21-24, 2023, the 27th largest international exhibition of automotive spare parts and equipment Automechanika Moscow 2023 was held in the capital region of Russia. The exposition was visited by employees of the Foreign Trade Company ALLWE, got acquainted with new trends in the automotive industry and held talks with the company's partners.

    During the exhibition, an International Conference of the Car Repair Industry was held for representatives of the Russian market — specialists in the garage service, bodywork and car repair industry. The leading suppliers and manufacturers of both original spare parts and auto market were represented in 8 huge pavilions.

    Also, the exhibition traditionally hosted the International Forum "Automotive Industry and the development of the automotive components market in Russia", organized jointly with the Automotive Components Committee of the Association of European Businesses (AEB), which includes the largest Russian and international manufacturers.

    This year's exhibition gathered a record number of participants compared to last year's exposition. Special attention is paid to Pavilion No. 7, given exclusively to companies from China, suppliers of spare parts and cars, as well as pavilion No. 1, where cars for the first time are put up for sale as part of the exhibition of spare parts, including Chinese, Iranian, along with familiar European cars.

    The companies that left Russia were replaced by new suppliers and manufacturers. After the transformation, the Russian economy began to attract friendly countries more as a market for sales and trade, where you can realize your trading potential on mutually beneficial terms.

  • 01 AUGUST Exhibition of achievements in Social Fields and Healthcare in Moscow
    On August 1-10, 2023, the largest event took place in the capital - the Moscow Urban Week, within the framework of which exhibitions of the achievements of the Moscow Government's healthcare, social sphere and production under the general brand "Made in Moscow" are held. The events take place at different venues in Moscow: Zaryadye, Luzhniki, Gostiny Dvor. Representatives of ALLWE company visited the congress in Gostiny Dvor and got acquainted with the exhibition of achievements of medical equipment in Moscow.

    The structure of the congress consists of panel audiences where representatives of the Moscow Government, popular bloggers, researchers from leading Moscow institutes talk live about how Moscow has changed, what projects are being implemented, and how science-intensive basic medical care projects have become, and about many other socially important projects in Moscow.

    At the exhibition of medical equipment, leading specialists of the Department of Health demonstrated innovative medical equipment used in the city for the diagnosis and conduct of invasive operations that do not require intracavitary intervention. The event demonstrated ideas and projects for the development of the city in the future, in which, in addition to high medicine, social programs and the development of sports and active recreation culture are used to significantly improve the quality of life of the population of Moscow.

    Special attention was drawn to the 3D production of models of human organs, which clearly allow medical consultations to discuss and correct the most complicated operations, planned therapies, non-standard solutions, which will most effectively affect the health of the population.

  • 27 JULY Russia-Africa Forum in Saint Petersburg
    On July 27 and 28, 2023, St. Petersburg became the main political platform where the Second Summit of the Russia-Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum was held. Russia invited representatives of all 54 countries to the summit, and most of them (49 states) confirmed their presence: 17 Presidents (Egypt, Senegal, South Africa, Rwanda, Comoros, Cameroon, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Libya, Congo, Burundi, Uganda, CAR, Mali, Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso, Eritrea); 5 Prime Ministers (Algeria, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Morocco, Mauritania); Ministers and deputy Heads of State (other 27 countries). The President of ALLWE company was also invited and took part in the event.

    A meaningful and interested exchange of views took place on the entire range of topics of strategic cooperation between Russia and African countries. The main topic discussed was not politics, but economics. On the one hand, advanced Russian technologies in the field of medicine, geological exploration, nuclear power plant construction, as well as the supply of agricultural and industrial products. And on the other – the unique nature, the rich bowels of Africa and its high recreational attractiveness.

    Following the summit, a number of decisions were made. Russia will continue grain supplies to the African continent. Literally in 3-4 months, free grain will be sent to Africa. Of course, there is a problem with logistics in this matter, but it was noted at the summit that this problem will be solved soon.

    It is planned to launch an industrial zone of Russia in the Suez Canal area in Egypt. To do this, in 2023, after the conclusion of a free trade agreement with Egypt, the construction of infrastructure will begin. After that, our companies will have access to the African market. Also, the population of the continent will be provided with credit conditions for the purchase of goods from Russia.

    The Russian state corporation Rosatom will start cooperation with Africa to solve the problem of drinking water shortage. In addition, our countries will start cooperation in space exploration.

    Following the summit, the participants adopted 5 key documents:
    • Declaration of the second Russia—Africa Summit;
    • Declaration of the second Russia—Africa Summit on the Prevention of an arms race in Outer Space;
    • Declaration of the second Russia—Africa Summit on cooperation in the field of international information security;
    • Declaration of the second Russia —Africa Summit on strengthening cooperation in the fight against terrorism;
    • Action Plan of the Russia—Africa Partnership Forum for 2023-2026.

    During the summit, the President of ALLWE held meetings with representatives of Mozambique, Cameroon, Namibia, Egypt. According to the vector of economy that was determined by the agenda of the forum, ALLWE will continue to develop cooperation with its partners in Africa, including in other areas and areas of industry.

  • 13 JUNE Russia-Cuba: prospects for business cooperation
    On June 13, 2023, a round table "Russia-Cuba: Prospects for business cooperation" was held at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. The meeting was attended by entrepreneurs representing various sectors of the Russian and Cuban economy, including healthcare, the consumer market, the automotive sector, as well as the President of ALLWE B.I. Skripnik.

    The head of the delegation of the Chamber of Commerce of Cuba Tatiana Barnet Belkis Izquierdo noted that Cuban business is establishing good relations with Russian regions through local CCI. "We actively cooperate with the CCI of Bashkortostan, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl. There is interest in other regional chambers as well. We have recently worked productively with colleagues from Sochi. We have established good relations with the Krasnodar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with which we signed a cooperation agreement. We interact with the Chamber of Commerce of Balashikha. We will continue to develop interregional cooperation," Belkis Izquierdo said. During a recent trip to Sochi, the Cuban Chamber of Commerce signed a cooperation agreement with the EAEU Business Council. Cuban business relies on regional cooperation with Russia – Russian regions are more flexible in matters of bilateral cooperation and need goods from a Latin American country. Cuba is establishing business relations with BRICS and the SCO.

    As for financial issues, Russia and Cuba are currently solving three main tasks — establishing a system of financial transfers and finding investments in Cuba, building direct interbank relations.

    President of ALLWE B.I. Skripnik held talks with the head of the Department of medical services abroad of the company Cuban Medical Services SMS Dr. Eucalia Mantilla Canizarez on the project of attracting Cuban medical staff to work in Russian rehabilitation centers. The joint work will continue.

  • 08 JUNE Automechanika 2023 Exhibition, Turkey
    On June 8-11, 2023, Istanbul, Turkey, hosted the world's largest annual exhibition of spare parts and equipment for motor vehicles Automechanika 2023, organized by the German Messe Frankfurt GmbH (the world's largest organizer of exhibitions). The exposition at the opening was visited by a delegation from the company ALLWE.

    The exhibition consisted of 12 huge halls dedicated to spare parts of various categories of vehicles, including passenger cars, cars with a cargo trailer, as well as construction and agricultural machinery. A separate hall was dedicated to oils, fuel additives, accessories for the car salon, tuning, and a separate hall for the equipment of service centers for car maintenance.

    ALLWE employees held trade negotiations with a number of the largest operating partners of the European Union, India, UAE, Turkey, China, got acquainted with the products and novelties in the spare parts category of companies such as Mersedes-Benz, BMW, Ford, VW, spare parts for DENSO and BOSCH fuel systems, GATES drive belts, TRW brake systems. At the exhibition, ALLWE representatives paid special attention to new companies focused on the supply of spare parts to friendly countries.

    The participants of the exhibition showed great interest in cooperating with ALLWE on a long-term basis and working on terms of transparent supplies.

  • 23 MAY International Trade Fair for construction machinery and technology
    The 23rd edition of Russia's International Construction Equipment and Technology Fair opened at Crocus Expo on 23 May 2023, linking two other important trade fairs taking place in parallel: the Commercial Vehicle and Technology Fair and the International Aftermarket, Parts and Service Fair.

    The scale of this year's exhibition was immense, with the entire parking area lined with a forest of machinery from friendly countries, cranes and specialized machinery, bulldozers, dump trucks and many other types of mobile machinery. Businesses from South East Asia, South Asia and the Middle East were well represented at the event.

    The exhibition is united in a common area and divided into three zones: construction machinery, specialist machinery and spare parts. The arrival of new equipment manufacturers in the market will significantly change the spare parts market and its structure. For this reason, a large part of the exposition was dedicated to spare parts for road construction machinery.

    The delegation from ALLWE got acquainted with the main trends at the exhibition and studied the presented products from manufacturers, held negotiations with the company URSUS Hydraulic Systems, representatives in Russia and Belarus of the Chinese manufacturer of hydraulic equipment WEICHI. As part of the current needs for the foreign trade and local activities of the company, the issues of procurement and delivery of machinery for Russian and foreign consumers were discussed.

  • 18 MAY International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia 2023
    On May,18, 2023 President of Foreign Trade Company B.I.Skripnik visited International helicopter industry exhibition HELIRAUSSIA 2023, which took place on 18-20 May in Moscow at Crocus Expo. The exhibition was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. The event was attended by representatives of the Russian Presidential Executive Office, the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Rosaviation, security agencies, industry bodies and the business community.

    The exhibition presents the best achievements of the whole range of helicopter industry products and services from design and manufacture to operation, not only aircraft of various types, classes and purposes, but also equipment and special devices used both in law enforcement operations and the civil sector. Despite the changes in the world, the Russian helicopter industry is developing and the Mi-8, Mi-26, Mi-28, Mi-24, Mi-38, Ka-226, Ka-27/29, Ka-32, Ka-52 and Ansat remain the invariable leaders in their classes. At the heart of HeliRussia 2023 were UAS, i.e. unmanned aircraft systems.

    ALLWE management held a number of business meetings with the major concerns and holdings “Russian Helicopters” JSC, “KRET” JSC, “UEC” JSC, “VITYAZ-AERO Airlines” LLC and “Vozdushniy potok” LLC and other manufacturers of helicopter products. During the negotiations, the Russian manufacturers' aspiration to increase supplies and expand the presence of Russian products in the Middle East, Africa, South-East Asia and Latin America regions was noted. The negotiations resulted in agreements to develop and conclude additional contracts for the supply of this equipment in the interests of foreign helicopter operators.

  • 18 MAY Russia and Cuba signed a number of agreements, strengthening the cooperation of two countries as a result of the intergovernmental commission
    Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Chernyshenko and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment of Cuba Ricardo Cabrisas held the 20th meeting of the Russian-Cuban Intergovernmental Commission for Trade, Economic, Scientific and Technological Cooperation held in Havana, Cuba 18-20 May, 2023.

    Among the signed documents - the Memorandum of cooperation in construction between the Cuban Ministry of Construction and the Russian Ministry of Construction and Housing and Utilities. The document defines the priority development areas of the bilateral cooperation in the construction sector: modernization of the factories and building material production plants, arrange delivery of construction materials and equipment to Cuba, training for the construction sector.

    Also between Federal Customs Service of Russia and Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment of the Republic of Cuba the agreement on cooperation within the framework of the single system of tariff preferences of the Eurasian Economic Union was signed. It will ease the procedure for granting preferential treatment to Cuban goods.

    The signed Memorandum in the energy field between the Ministries of Energy creates favourable conditions for enhanced oil recovery in the field Boca de Jaruco and other oil projects.

    Memorandum of cooperation in plant quarantine will make it possible to regulate the mutual supplies of agricultural products of plant origin. The sides signed the action plan on cooperation in the field of sport till 2025.

    On the margins of intergovernmental Commission the business forum was held, attended by numerous representatives of Russian an Cuban companies.

    ALLWE presented two projects, prepared in the construction and industry working groups: a project for the production of modules for the construction of fast-build housing for the Cuban Ministry of Construction and a project for a charcoal briquette production line in cooperation with the company CUBAGRO.

  • 16 MAY Meeting with the Director of the Office for Cooperation in Russia of the China Chamber of International Commerce Branch in Hunan Province
    May 16, 2023. At the ALLWE corporate headquarters in Moscow, a meeting was held with the Director of the Office for Cooperation with Russia of the China Chamber of International Trade Branch in Hunan Province, Mr. Zhang Dali.

    During the meeting, discussion topics included the development and increase in trade between the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation in the field of the automotive industry. Participants have identified mutual interests pertaining to the import of various vehicles, spare parts, as well as the creation of joint ventures in the Russian Federation to open and operate a logistics infrastructure.

    The possibility of creating joint ventures relating to the consumer goods and the food industry was also discussed. The parties have agreed to designate companies from the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation for further cooperation on the relevant subject matters. To further develop Russian-Chinese friendship, stimulate bilateral trade, and expand economic relations a great attention was paid to the issues of joint work in projects that are of mutual interest and benefit to the people of both Countries.

    As a result of the meeting, a request was provided to the Chinese counterpart containing a list of products to be sourced from the Chinese auto industry manufacturers.

  • 04 MAY Meeting with representatives of a Vietnamese company
    On May 04 2023 the meeting was held in the ALLWE office with the director of the Russian representative office of the international Vietnamese corporation T&T Group, Mr. Nguyen Viet.

    During the meeting, the topics of financial transactions related to a significant increase in trade turnover were touched upon in order to organize effective cooperation between Vietnamese and Russian companies. The parties touched upon the issue of cooperation and partnership in various directions of the Company's activities: equipment for the electric power industry, nuclear medicine equipment, fruit and vegetable processing lines, supplies of aviation equipment and equipment for airports, and other important and significant projects. In order to develop Russian-Vietnamese friendship and trade and economic relations, much attention was paid to the issue of joint work in projects that are of mutual interest.

    Based on the results of the negotiations, the parties agreed to send a list of nomenclature in order to prepare commercial offers for areas of interest to Vietnam and Russia in the field of import and export.
  • 05 APRIL African International Congress
    President of ALLWE Bogdan I. Skripnik took part in the African International Congress, which took place on April 5-6 in the National hotel. Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassadors of many African countries, representatives of international organizations of the UN, UNESCO, CIS, BRICS, deputies and senators of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, politicians, public figures, leading experts of the Russian Government, diplomats and businessmen took part in the Congress. The event was held as part of preparations for the Russia-Africa Summit in July 2023 in St. Petersburg.

    The main aim of the forum was to create a permanent platform for the development of business and humanitarian cooperation, working dialogue between the African business community, strengthening cooperation between African countries with Russia and Eurasia.

    During talks with official representatives from Benin and Kenya, ALLWE's capabilities in a number of social wastewater treatment programs, modern waste management technologies, energy and infrastructure projects were presented.

    On 31 March 2023, representatives of ALLWE visited the MOTORS EXPO 2023, which took place at Expocentre in Moscow from 31 March to 02 April 2023. The event brought together on one platform the entire spectrum of professionals related to motor vehicles and motorized transport.

    The exhibition highlighted the trend in the automotive industry towards an increasing number of passenger cars manufactured in China. Car dealers predict that the proportion of new passenger car sales in Russia will almost double to 32%, or 250,000 cars in absolute terms, in 2023. The market for electric cars is also growing, but it is hampered by the underdeveloped infrastructure and legal framework of this segment.

    During the exhibition, representatives of ALLWE negotiated with specialists of PJSC KAMAZ, AVTOJOY MOTORS and came to an agreement to sign agreements for the supply of components and fuel and lubricants in the interests of Russian companies.

  • 07 FEBRUARY NAIS 2023 National Aviation Infrastructure Show
    On February 6-7, 2023, the 10th National aviation infrastructure show NAIS 2023 was held in Moscow, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of civil aviation in Russia. The leading manufacturers of the aviation industry were presented on one platform. Guests and participants of the show got acquainted with the key models of the domestic civil aviation industry. The exposition included MS-21, SSJ-NEW, IL-114-300 and Tu-214.

    On behalf of foreign partners ALLWE representatives held negotiations with Russian aircraft manufacturers and got acquainted with new equipment, advanced technologies and other market novelties as well as directly communicated with manufacturers and suppliers.

    In addition to meetings at the exhibition grounds, the company's office was visited by partners from Pakistan, Myanmar and Iran. Agreements were reached on a number of key issues relating to already signed and planned contracts.

  • 24 JANUARY Meetings of working groups on industry and tourism on interaction with Cuba
    In pursuance of the agreements reached within the framework of the negotiations between the Presidents of the Republic of Cuba and the Russian Federation and the 19th Meeting of the Russian-Cuban Intergovernmental Commission, on behalf of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation D.N. Chernyshenko, additional working groups of the Russian-Cuban Business Council have been created.

    On January 24, 2023, a meeting of the working group on industry was held. The agenda included the implementation of current and discussion of promising joint industrial projects with Cuban partners.

    A tourism working group meeting was held on January 27, 2023. The main objective of the entrepreneurs in this area is to increase the flow of Russian tourists to the Caribbean and to help develop the Cuban tourism infrastructure. A representative of the Foreign Trade Company ALLWE informed his colleagues of a preliminary agreement with Cuban stakeholders such as GAVIOTA to develop joint infrastructure and other projects in the industry.

    Entrepreneurs shared their experiences in this Caribbean country, discussed the problems created by the coronavirus pandemic, Western sanctions against the economies of our countries and possible solutions.

    It was decided to submit, as soon as possible, a list of projects to the Russian Government for discussion and selection together with the Cuban side to solve the issues of financing and implementation.
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