On the 5 of December company’s management have visited the International exhibition “HEALTHCARE-2016”. The event allowed holding meetings and negotiations with Russian manufactures and suppliers of medical equipment.
    The Russian Health Care Week was the most respected and established platform to discuss all issues concerning the Russian health care industry.

  • 25 SEPTEMBER Certificate EN 9120:2010
    On the 25 of September Foreign Trade Company ALLWE was successfully audited on conformance to the standards of Quality Management System for aviation, space and defense industries in accordance with regulations to distributors. It was verified that the management system fulfills the requirements of the following standard: EN9120:2010.
    The EN9120:2010 is based on the AS9100 and applies to incorporation of QMS in trade companies that purchase spare parts, materials, key parts and further sell these products to customers of aviation, spare and defense industries.
    Set of documents which includes the EN9120:2010 standards is of considerable importance as it creates powerful foundation of QMS, and guarantees the quality of export products.

  • 09 AUGUST Business meeting with General Manager of the NC CEPLA
    9 August Business meeting with General Manager of the NC CEPLA
    President Skripnik B. met with General Manager of National Committee of Cooperation of Economic Partnership with Latin American countries Mashkova T. Foreign Trade company “ALLWE” has been actively cooperated with NC CEPLA since 2012.
    The agenda of the meeting included the issues of consolidation of co-operative efforts concerning more effective development of trade relations with Latin American countries.
    New projects and planes of the company for the nearest future were presented by the President.
  • 04 AUGUST Liberal Economical Association Of Russia Session
    4 August Liberal Economical Association Of Russia Session
    President Skripnik B. participated in a foundation meeting of the International Committee of the “Russian Liberal Economical Association” on the topic: “Grand challenge of the global world”.
    The session included the organizational questions as confirmation of the members of the International Committee, action plan for 2017, and approval of working group of the Committee.
  • 16 JUNE «Allwe» and Rostec State Corporation conducted business meeting

    On the 16th of June, 2016 Foreign Trade Company «Allwe» and Rostec State Corporation conducted business meeting in order to discuss some issues about collaborative activity in delivery of the hi-tech goods for civil needs throughout the world. Special attention was paid to the countries of Latin America, e.g. the Republic of Cuba on the eve of opening of the industrial exhibition «Cubaindustria».

    Foreign Trade Company «Allwe», as an official supplier in numerous import companies in Cuba and its own Agency in Havana, declared intention to cooperate with Rostec Corporation in order to implement the projects on behalf of Cuba.

  • 20 MAY Round table «Strategic development of aftersales systems”
    On the 20th of May the whole helicopter community had a great opportunity to participate in the Round table “Strategic development of aftersales systems” within a framework of the business program of the 16th International exhibition HeliRussia 2016.
    Responsible executives of JSC “Helicopter Service company” presented the policy of the development aftersales service in Russia for the nearest future. From our company President Skripnik Bogdan and Commercial director Cahushyan Pavel became participants of the Round table, where they had opportunity to familiarize with innovations in aftersales service. In the debate representatives of the companies formulated wishes concerning optimization of the system.

  • 19 MAY The 19th International Exhibition HeliRussia 2016
    On the 18-19th of May heads and specialists of our company visited the 19th International Exhibition HeliRussia 2016 the exclusive event in Russia where word achievements from the whole range of products and services of helicopter industry presented – from the project and manufacturing to exploitation.
    The exhibition gave an opportunity to hold business meetings with partners, to discuss current issues of deliveries, to participate in the business program and round tables as well as to see the novelties of the helicopter industry including new Russian and foreign helicopters.
    16 helicopters were exhibited – from the development of “the air helicopter” “Mikron” to the huge new multipurpose Mi-38. The demonstration of the pilotless aviation was held during exhibition.

  • 18 MAY Russian-Vietnam Businness Forum
    On the 18th of May President Skripnik Bogdan, Director of the International department Ivanova Swetlana and Commercial director Chaushyan Pavel took part in the Russian-Vietnam Business Forum “Commercial and economic cooperation of Vietnam and Russia: new horizonts”. The Prime Minister of Vietnam Nguyen Xuan Phuc, heads of the ministry and administration of Vietnam and Russia participated in the Forum as well as the embassies of Vietnam and Russia, Center Bank of Russian Federation and Vietnam, BIDV Bank, VTB, representatives of financional and bank sphere, interest companies and Mass Media. The event was held in the business-culture centre “Hanoi-Moscow”. The issues of cooperation between Russia and Vietnam under the conditions of sanctions from the European countries were discussed. New opportunities of commercial and economic relations were marked.

  • 10 MAY Exhibition “Communication -2016”
    On the 10 of May Head of automation system department Fattakhov Roman visited the 28th International Exhibition of informational and communication technologies “Communication-2016” which was held within the frame of the Russian week of high technologies.
    More than 300 companies from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Germany, Israel, Italy, Cyprus, China, the Netherlands, Respublic of Korea, Slovenia, USA, Finland, France and Japan were participated in the exposition.
    The exhibition gave an opportunity to experience with the latest developments of landline, mobile, sputnik and fiber optic communication, data networking as well as telecomunication, server and net handware, spesialize software and solutions in the information security, Internet technologies and many others.

  • 28 APRIL Business meeting at JSC “Sukhoi Civil Aircraft”
    On the 28th of April President of the company Skripnik B.I. and Commercial Director Chauschyan P.G. had a business meeting with Senior Vice-President of customer service department Denisenko A.V. and Direction Directorof the inventory and logistics management department Privedentsev V.I. The meeting was held in the office of “Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company”.
    The theme of meeting became the aftersales service of aircraft especially Superjet-100. Skripnik B.I. made presentation of our company, presented possibilities in Latin America countries.
    The questions of mutual advantageous cooperation were discussed. In future projects our company will be taken into account as a participant of realization aftersales service in different countries.
  • 27 APRIL The Delegation of the Republic of Cuba
    On the 27of April the Delegation of the Republic of Cuba at the Head of Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Alonso M. Danilo Francisco visited our company.
    The Delegation consisted ofInvestment Specialist of Gamma Ernesto R. Trista Barera, Specialist of Foreign Affairs Carlos A. Mendez Garcia, Counselor, Deputy of Chief of mission Natacha Diaz Aguilera .
    The Deputy Director of the Agency of Atmosphere technology Koloskov B.P. was also invited to the meeting. Heads and specialists of our company prepared and presented technical offers for consideration of the Cuba Delegation. The participants of the Delegation expressed their interest and thanked for warm welcome.
    On the 29 of April the President of FTC ALLWE and the Head of the Latin American regional office Pavlyuk V.N. were invited to the Embassy of Cuba in Moscow where it was signed the Memorandum on Economic Cooperation between the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Cuba and Foreign Trade company “ALLWE”.

  • 21 APRIL Business session of the “Russian-Spain Business Council”
    On April 21, the head of the Latin Americanregional office of ALLWE Vladimir Pavlyuk participated in the session of the Russian-Spanish Business Council organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. The attendees defined thisyear’s majorobjectives of the Councilandagreed upon a work agenda which includesa list of bilateral cooperation matters as well as creation ofan informational Internet portal.

  • 19 APRIL 16th International exhibition “Oil and Gas2016”
    Heads of the departments and specialists of the company visited the 16th International Exhibition “Oil and Gas 2016”.
    The exhibition featured different companies of the oil and gas industry, the sphere that is of great interest for our company. The participants were able to get acquainted with the innovative technology solutions.
    The exhibition was dominated by Russian manufacturers as well as by exhibitors from Germany, Austria, China, USA, the Netherlands and other countries. The event gave an opportunity to our company to establish relations with new companies, exchange information and meet business partners.

  • 18 APRIL Round table in the Council of the Federation Committee on Economic policy
    On April 18, Deputy Director Ruslan Demchuk participated in the round table organized by the Council of the Federation Committee for Economic policy in collaboration with the Russian Association of Oil and Gas Equipment Producers.
    “The role of the associations of suppliers of oil and gas equipment at the present stage” became the uppermost subject of the session. The participants discussed the problems of the experience accumulation by the industry associations, coordination ofbusiness cooperation between oil and gas equipment suppliers with customers, government authorities and mass media in the context of import substitution.
    The officials of the Government, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Development, Rostechnadzor, regional governments Roscosmos, Rosatom, Gazprom and many other organizations took part in the meeting.
  • 06 APRIL Reliable Supplier Certificate
    On April 6, our company received the Reliable Supplier Certificateof the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. The list of reliable suppliers is available in the electronic system of the Chamber of Commerce official site.

  • 25 MARCH The ceremonial Presidium of NP Aviasupplier
    25 March, Moscow
    The ceremonial Presidium of NP Aviasupplier.
    On the 25 of March our company welcomed the ceremonial Presidium NP Aviasupplier in honor of 10 years of working. The event was heldon the premises of Foreign Company “ALLWE”. Members of the association are all the suppliers of aerotechnical equipment. Participants had an opportunity to exchange opinions and to present proposals towards to development of the export companiesas well as to express words of congratulations to tenth anniversary of the NP Aviasupplier. All partners expressed gratitude to President Bogdan Skripnik for hospitable welcome.

  • 10 MARCH 10, March - “The Enterprise of the year 2015”
    10 March, Moscow
    The annual official award ceremony “The Enterprise of the year 2015” was held in Moscow at Radisson Royal Hotel Ukraine.
    Our company won “The Enterprise of the year 2015” Prize and got a laureate diploma.
    Every year the reward goes to national and foreign companies working in Russia with high results achieved.

  • 29 FEBRUARY National Committee of contribution of economic cooperation with Latin America.
    29 February, Moscow
    National Committee of contribution of economic cooperation with Latin America (NK CEPLA) organized a presentation of civil products manufactured by Russian plants for Latin America use. Around 15 leaders and representatives of large enterprises from Russia, ambassadors, military attaches and trade representatives, almost the all Latin America diplomatic missions participated in the conference.
    During meetings, different companies have presented their products. The conference gave a great opportunity to interchange of views concerning commercial trade relations development.
    The president of the company, and the head of the regional representative in Latin America have discussed further cooperation in 2016 with officials of Ecuador, Cuba, Venezuela, Chile and Peru.

  • 09 FEBRUARY The National exhibition of civil aviation NAIS-2016
    9-10 February, Moscow
    Heads of the departments and specialists of the company visited the National exhibition of civil aviation NAIS-2016 which took place in the huge exhibition center of Moscow Crocus Expo. Presentation of life-saving equipment, lightening system of flight strip, automate high lightening systems for helicopter landing site and many others became interesting for our company. Besides expositions of upcoming trends of airfield service and air traffic control services were reviewed. Our colleaguesled discussions with representatives of different companies.

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